KIK Photography is an acronym for Ken & Ivone Kruse Photography.

KIK Photography is a Husband Wife venture. I do the photography while Ivone handles most front of store tasks. Although I am the creative genius behind the camera our final product is always a team effort. In addition to handling sales and accounting, Ivone is often involved in planning, conception and creative advice. She is my inspiration and sounding board while I develop ideas into finished pieces.

My first memory of a camera was from the age of about 4 years old. The camera was an old Polaroid that my mother taught me to use on a beach in Southern California. I remember sitting there watching in amazement while the photo developed in front of my eyes.

When I was about 11 or 12 my father began teaching me to use his high-end 35mm SLR. I used that camera throughout my teen years often joining a friend on photography excursions throughout Southern California.

In 1991 I purchased my first professional camera, a Nikon 35mm SLR. It was also the beginning of taking photography seriously. I spent untold amounts of time and money educating myself in the hope of someday being able to take photos like those I saw in the publications and books I read. It was a period of totally immersing myself in the art and craft of photography.

Somewhere along the way I realized that photography changed the way I looked at the world. Everywhere I went I saw things I never saw before, from the color of the light to the texture of the park bench. Flowers that I had ignored suddenly became the glorious works of art god intended them to be.

Today I use modern digital cameras and process my images in my digital darkroom. Modern digital photography methods allow a photographer to embrace the entire image creation process and incorporate his his vision like never before.

Photography also changed the way I looked at people, I began to notice things I never saw before. From the way a persons eyes sparkle to the way loving people look at one another. From the nervousness of an intimidating event to the pride that shows in a parents eye. Photography has taught me to feel what others feel, in no uncertain terms, it has caused me to have more empathy towards others.